Scrapyard of trucks in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)

If you need a scrapyard of trucks in Barcelona, Botanica Automotive Company offers its service of scrapping in the town of Hospitalet de Llobregat near Barcelona.

In our scrapping, we offer the services of pick up trucks, decontamination and dismantling trucks, deregistration of trucks and selling spares.

Into the processes and services we offer in our scrapyard of trucks in Hospitalet, we have the following:

1- Pickup Truck:

There are 2 ways to get the trucks in our scrapyard Botanica Street Hospitalet: the customer brings the truck directly to our facilities, or the collection and transportation of the trucks with our tow trucks and specialized personnel.

Is necessary to comment that we received the trucks in our company come from different backgrounds: autonomous, company, dealers, workshops, etc ...

Along with the delivery of the truck, we receive documentation to deregister the truck.

2- Decontamination of trucks:

The process of deregistration of a truck begins with the process of decontaminating the truck, but before this process we make an analysis of the status of truck parts, and the parts and components that have the potential to be reused as spares used trucks are recorded, this first analysis and exploration is only visual and lets get that list of spare parts.

Decontamination of the truck is more elaborate than in the case of cars and motorcycles, by the volume of waste obtained from a heavy vehicle like a truck.

In the decontamination process we perform the corresponding removal of liquid and solid wastes that pose a risk to the environment, from these wastes treat from Botanica Automotive are: non-reusable fuel, oil, antifreeze, various liquids, mercury, lead parts, etc..

All the environmental management of chemicals and waste, is done safely within our center waste management truck CAT in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).

3- Scrapping trucks:

Once the decontamination process and liquid and solid elements applicant has completed its removal, scrapping the truck starts.

Into the process of scrapping truck we have 3 phases: dismantling, testing and classification.

  • Removing parts: In the dismantling stage we extract truck parts that will later be reused as spare parts for truck. In this section of the scrapping of the truck we perform selective separation of materials (iron, plastics, glass, tires, etc ...) to the corresponding recycling in the case of parties not be reused as spares.
  • Test components: It is important to test quality parts to be reused as spares, with this control the correct functioning of the piece is checked and discarded from our catalog in case we encounter any problem with the functioning of parts for the truck.
  • Classification of parts: All parts removed are destined our reusable parts warehouse trucks in Barcelona, ​​and are identified by a code that makes us part type, brand and model truck.


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