Unsubscribe car for death of the owner in Barcelona

If you need to perform a car deregister because of the death of the owner in Barcelona, follow the steps below.

It is necessary to deliver the car to our scrapyard CAT (authorized treatment end life vehicles and waste center).

In our scrapyard of Barcelona, ​​in addition to licenses and documentation necessary for deregister of the car, also we perform the processes of dismantling and decontamination of the car, necessary processes in order to deregister vehicle.

To make the delivery of the car at our facilities in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) you can bring it on your own, or if that is not possible, for whatever reason: the car will not start, missing keys, inability to drive or other, from our company offer a towing service.

Below is a list of the documentation required to process the application for car deregister because of the death of the owner, these documents are:

  • Photocopy of identity document of the vehicle owner and heir.
  • Application Form signed by the heir. (download document).
  • Death certificate holder's car.
  • Photocopy of the will or inheritance where the heirs who take charge of the vehicle are shown.
  • Vehicle Log Book.
  • Technical sheet of the vehicle.


Once the car to deregister and the documentation required is in our vehicle decontamination facilities, we start the 2 steps required to finish the process. 

We can divide in the next 2 steps, the following tasks: decontamination of the car and unsubscribe the vehicle.

Decontamination and scrapping of the car

The decontamination and scrapping of the car in our facilities CAT (authorized center of end life vehicles) is one of the prerequisites for being able to deregister the vehicle.

In the decontamination process are removed and safely recycle items that are disposable (fuel, oil, plastics, iron, glass, etc..), These elements are processed to avoid damaging the environment.

On the other hand, the parts and components of cars that can be leveraged are recycled for sale as spare parts for sale.

Management for unsubscribe the car

Along with the tasks of environmental treatment of the vehicle, our company carries out the administrative procedures to manage the final car unsubscribe steps in the event of death of the holder.

Within 24 hours is delivered the car destruction certificate (ELV), which certifies that the car has entered our scrapyard and has been decontaminated.

With all the necessary documentation listed above, from our company will manage the application of unregister a car in DGT for administrative purposes.


As you can see, from Botanica Automotive we provide procedures and services to deregister a car for death of the owner in Barcelona, ​​safely and in the shortest time.

Besides cars, also works with other types of vehicles such as motorcycles, mopeds, vans, trucks, etc..

For any questions about this and other unsubscribe car services, you can contact us by phone at 933 353 719 or through our information form.

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