Spare parts car in Barcelona province

In Botanica Automotive offer our clients the service of car part sale in Barcelona province.

Types of car parts we offer are the most common as:

  • Parts related car lighting: lights and direction indicators as separated by make, model and year term of the model.
  • Various items relating to the outside and the car body: doors, mirrors, moons, handles, bumpers and components of the front, side or back of the body.
  • For the interior of the car parts we have available such as different vehicle seats, seat belts and other parts.
  • As for car tires have a wide range of wheel loaders from cars we end our scrapyard.


And other types of auto parts we sell such as:

  • Car engines and tested different brands and models with real kilometers.
  • Different exhausts used to adapt your vehicle.
  • Suspension and brakes, with their different parts like brake pads and shock absorbers.
  • Electric elements as the starter car.
  • Different parts of gearboxes of cars.
  • Definitely, from Botanica Automotive offer any type of car parts that are in good condition so it can be reused.


The spare parts we have available for sale are mostly of cars that have been subjected to deregister as a vehicle out of use, in these cases when the car enters our facilities Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) plus to decontaminate the car, proceeds to the scrapping of parts and vehicle components for reuse as spare car.

The steps we take to dismantling and removal of car parts is as follows:

1- Visual and mechanical control (if possible) of the spare in the current car.

To provide a sales catalog car part with an optimal state, it is necessary to perform a quality control of the components.

The first step starts before scrapping the vehicle, and consists of a visual and mechanical spare control. 

In this step the mechanical or operational control is performed whenever possible, since sometimes the car does not allow the test.


2- Removing the current auto spare.

If control of step 1 is satisfactory and there is a potential demand component to make the sale of the car spare, we proceed to perform the extraction component of the current car.

The removal of the piece is made with care by our skilled mechanics, in order to keep the spare in perfect technical condition.


3 - Second-visual and technical control with the mechanical spare and outside the car.

It is important to conduct a second visual component control once out of the current car, as sometimes parts of disrepair that at first glance may not be perceptible.

In the event that the replacement car could not mechanically tested in step 1, control operation thereof is also done with our test cars or machines testing of components.


4 - Internal Classification of spare in our system.

Once past the second quality control of automotive spare parts, we proceed to perform the internal classification of the parts in our computer systems. 

In this classification the important details of the car spare are marked and an internal reference of it is created. Among the data are classified in spare, we have:

  • Internal code location. 
  • Type parts. 
  • Car brand. 
  • Car Model. 
  • Year of spare. 
  • Miles. 
  • Observations of the spare.


This allows us to have an updated database of stock car part, so we could offer our customers quickly and efficiently spare parts of cars available.


5- Location of car spare in our store

Once the classification of automotive spare within our systems is complete, the last step performed is the location of the component in our car part store.

This storage process is performed following location settings, make, model and type of spare. Thus obtaining spare is immediate if necessary.

Once this final step is completed, the spare part car is in perfect condition for sale with full warranty.


We invite you to access the page that shows our list of spare parts here:

For more information on car part in Barcelona you can contact Botanica Automotive.

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