Buy used cars in Barcelona

In Botanica Automotive we offer the service of buy used cars in Barcelona province.

We made the purchase of all types of cars, work or not work, we also buy damaged vehicles repaired before putting them on sale.

When buying vehicles, valuation and purchase of car wrecks is also performed.

This option wrecked car sale by owner is not more profitable than sending it to the impound, since from our company offer at least 100 euros for his wrecked car to proceed to its status as a vehicle not in use.

In the valuation of the cars we buy, various checks are performed:

  • Engine operation and number of miles. 
  • State of the car body, the quality of the paint and damage exist at the level of scratches, bumps, etc is checked ... 
  • State car interior: seats, control panels and other elements in the passenger compartment of the car. 
  • Status active safety elements: tires, brakes, shocks, lighting, etc ... 
  • It also affects the valuation, if the car has ITV and last date of next review.


With all these car controls from our company we make an assessment of the used car and offer a purchase price without obligation.

Buying used cars from our company we do is aimed at both particular cars as company cars (fleet companies, dealers, workshops, etc..).

When buying car fleet is company, you can apply a special price for purchasing multiple units.

As mentioned above, the car appraisal for resale or for scrapping the vehicle is performed in all cases offer a purchase price of the car.

Contact Botanica Automotive for more information if you are looking for somewhere to sell your car in Barcelona.

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In Botanica Automotive we offer services scrapping down vehicles, purchase / sale of vehicles and spare parts sales in Barcelona and the regions of Barcelona, Baix Llobregat, Maresme, Vallès Occidental and Vallès Oriental.

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